How to Install WordPress – The easy way!

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A quick guide on how to Install WordPress using a new SiteGround Account

It’s no secret that I love building websites using SiteGround, So I’ll be running you through the super easy process of installing WordPress using a new hosting account.

Hosting Account

The first thing you will need to follow along is a SiteGround hosting account. They are offering pretty good discounts for our readers, So go have a look at what they have to offer.

The setup process of that is pretty straight forward, But I did cover that in my complete blog setup process post.

WordPress Installation

As soon as your new SiteGround hosting account is ready, You will receive an email saying it’s all setup. Right at the bottom you will see the “Launch Wizard” button.

This will then take you to the account / site setup Wizard.

Setup Wizard

Inside the setup wizard you will be able to select your new domain, Install different software and add in your admin details

  • Select your domain
  • Start a new website
  • Select WordPress to Install
  • Enter your Admin details

Complete Setup

So once you press the “Complete Setup” button it should only take a couple minutes until you get a confirmation email with all the details you need.

The next step is to just access your new WordPress installation by either clicking on the “Proceed to Customer Area” button, then select the “Go to Admin Panel” button to take you to the new websites Admin Log in screen.

All these details will also already be in your email from SiteGround. So make sure to check your email.


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