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How to start a blog the easy way! – A step by step guide

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Let me start off by saying that i’m not that good at writing, So please excuse the sloppy writing! My strongpoint is helping people build blogs, websites and monetising what they love doing.

My background is as a Web Designer since 2001. So I have done this a couple times already.

So, You want to start a blog but not sure where to start? Well, you came to the right place! I love helping people.

I will try keep this post as short and simple as possible and only going into detail on the tricky bits.

The Basics

You have a couple options for blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix, SquareSpace or even But I would avoid going with any of them. Making a self hosted website means you are in full control of your website and allows for expanding when you get bigger.

It’s really not that difficult to do it yourself!

Step 1 – Get a Domain & Hosting Package

There is no shortage of options when it comes to hosting companies. Most of them are just resellers. So most of the time there are no speed differences.

Over the years I have spent loads of money on bad hosting companies with bad customer service and just a pain to work with. So I have my favourite hosting companies that I always suggest to people.

A lot of Hosting companies will give you a free Domain when you sign up for a hosting package, So thats pretty handy!

So what are my options?

As I mentioned, there are no shortages of hosting companies. But my aim with Creative Hustle is to make things as easy as possible for my readers. So for this tutorial im going to focus on setting up a blog using SiteGround purely because I love those guys and cant recommend them enough!

  •  SiteGround – Im in love with these guys. Setting up the basic WordPress blog or website is just a couple clicks away.

    My experience with SiteGround has been amazing over the last couple of years. I love their customer services team. They are super friendly and helpful.

SiteGround Discount – If you are reading this, Then you can use any of the links below to get a Discount on your website hosting. Just click the link below to get the discount they are giving the Creative Hustle readers!

Getting your Domain & Hosting

Starting off I would suggest to just go with the “StartUp” package because you can upgrade to a higher package at any time. The StartUp package allows 1 website / blog.

If you think you will be making a couple blogs or websites, Then I would suggest to go with the GrowBig or GoGeek packages. As I mentioned before, I have always used their GoGeek package so I can have multiple domains and websites on one package.

Siteground Website setup

Next step is to register a brand new Domain name!

Make sure to select the “Register a new Domain” tick box and try out a couple names for your new blog. I would try and keep it simple and easy to remember.

If you plan on blogging about a specific topic / niche and making money from your blog, consider using a topic keyword in your domain.

Select a domain name for your blog

Final Step before the fun starts!

Depending on the package you selected, Just go ahead and make the payment and your new account will be setup in a couple minutes!

Now the Fun Starts!

Once you have done that, Keep an eye out for the SiteGround email. This usually comes within a minute. The whole website / blog setup should take less than 15 minutes and the guys at SiteGround have made it super easy to get setup.

Once you have received the email, Go ahead and click on the “Launch Wizard” button to get started.

Confirmation Email

SiteGround Setup Wizard

SiteGround has made it super easy to install wordpress the last couple of years, So their new setup wizard is so damn fast!

  • Select “Start a new website”
  • Select the WordPress Logo
  • Add in your Admin details

Make sure to use your best email address for the setup process so you can recover any details later on. So I would suggest a Gmail / Hotmail etc type account that you always have access to.

Select wordpress from the list and put in your account details.

Setup Complete – Email

Once you have gone through those steps, You should have received an email from SiteGround confirming that the basic setup is complete and also give you your basic log in information.

In the email you should have received a link to your WordPress Admin panel, This is usually some like ( http://YOUR-SITE/wp-login.php )

SiteGround Theme Setup

So right after you have logged into your WordPress Admin panel, You will see the SiteGround setup wizard. Just follow a couple easy steps and you have your basic blog ready to go!

For this example I just selected one of the Magazine style themes to get through the setup process. I will be using a different theme later on, So I’m not too worried about that yet.

I would suggest that you browse some of the free themes available and see what works best for the type of blog you are trying to start.

Installing a new Theme!

Now we are going to go and install a new theme so you have a good starting point for your blog. In this example I’m going to the Astra theme because it comes with loads of “Starter Sites”, These are basically a quick way to setup your website to look like complete websites.

Step 1 – Look on the left hand side of the WordPress Admin panel for the “Appearance” section and select Themes.

Step 2 – Click on the “Add New” button at the top left of the Themes screen.

Step 3 – Search for the “Astra” them on the right hand side Search box. This will bring up the Astra theme. Go ahead and Install and Activate it.

Step 4 – Install a “Starter Site” – Look on the left hand side menu for the “Stra Starter Sites” menu option.

Step 5 – Starter Sites – On this page you can select the Free theme starter sites to install. I would suggest to browse a little and see what works best for what you want to do.


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